Project Management

Who is leading this project?

California State Parks, Channel Coast District with support from a consultant team led by PlaceWorks.

Who will approve this project?

The General Plan approval process involves California State Parks executive staff, the department legal office, and the State Parks and Recreation Commission .

Who should I contact with questions, comments, or concerns?

Please email the project team at

Community Participation

Who can be involved in the project?

Everyone is welcome to participate in surveys, the public workshop, and other activities planned. You can send feedback or questions via email to at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

How can I be involved in the project?

Visit the Participate page to learn about upcoming opportunities to be involved. Both online and in-person activities are planned for this project, to ensure opportunities for both the local communities and . You can also sign up to receive project updates and notifications about participation opportunities.

What is the purpose of stakeholder meetings and why are they invitation-only?

Project stakeholders have been identified and grouped according to shared interests and areas of expertise. The objective of stakeholder meetings is to gather and share information and resources essential to the General Plan Update process.

What is the difference between the Visitor Experience Survey and Memory Map?

The purpose of the Visitor Experience Survey is to understand what park visitors value, how they have used the parks in the past, what experiences they want to continue having, and their concerns about the parks’ futures.

The Memory Map is a place for visitors to share and view favorite memories that have been created at the parks, from family memories to first-time camping trips and exciting wildlife sightings. By submitting text or images to the Memory Map, you agree that the material may be used or displayed for any project purpose.

Project-Specific Questions

When will this project be completed?

The project is anticipated to take two to three years to complete.

Why is this project being done?

The existing General Plans for El Capitán State Beach, Refugio State Beach, and Gaviota State Park were written and approved in 1979. They are now outdated, and the guidance does not align with the parks’ current conditions. Updating the plans has become a priority due to ongoing significant damage from severe winter storms, impending sea-level-rise and climate change impacts, long-standing infrastructure challenges, significant acquisition of new property at El Capitán SB in 2002, high-recreation demand, and the need to protect natural, cultural, and recreation resources.