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Recreational opportunities at Gaviota State Park’s 2,712 acres include several hiking and multi-use trails that lead into oak woodland and chaparral backcountry, natural sulfur hot springs, and impressive lookouts with sweeping views of the Channel Islands, Point Conception, Gaviota Pass, and the Lompoc Valley. Other day-use activities include equestrian trails, picnicking, fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing and surfing, and geocaching. There are thirty-nine overnight campsites, which include family sites, hike or bike campsites, and RV sites. Visitor facilities at Gaviota include a camp store, restrooms, and showers (indoor and outdoor).

Gaviota State Park ©2013, California State Parks

Gaviota State Park is ecologically diverse and includes a variety of habitats including grasslands, oak woodland, chaparral, coastal sage scrub, riparian areas, freshwater aquatic habitats, freshwater marshes, coastal strand and salt marshes, and marine habitats. Kashtayit State Marine Conservation Area (SMCA), an area dedicated to conserving and restoring ocean biodiversity, protecting cultural resources, and allowing marine recreation activities and research, is adjacent to Gaviota State Park.

Gaviota State Park includes significant known archeological, tribal, and historic resources, including the Las Cruces Adobe.

Adapt, Renew, and Preserve

To ensure a sustainable future for Gaviota State Park, the general plan update will identify and address land management and operational challenges.

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Gaviota State Park ©2013, California State Parks