State Parks General Plan Update

El Capitán SB, Refugio SB, and Gaviota SP project will set goals for each park, document existing conditions, analyze constraints, and develop design concepts for each park. Public participation will be invited at several different stages of the work. All work will be presented to the State Parks and Recreation Commission for consideration and approval.

What is a State Parks General Plan?

The State Parks General Plan defines a purpose, vision, goals, and guidelines for a park’s future. The Plan informs day-to-day decisions and paves the way for more focused management actions that will benefit the park, its resources, visitors, and staff.

As required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), a State Parks General Plan is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). An EIR informs the public of the significant environmental effects of a project, ways to minimize them, and reasonable alternatives to the project. The State Parks General Plan Update for El Capitan SB, Refugio SB, and Gaviota SP will have a programmatic EIR, which covers big projects or a series of actions that work as one big project because they are related (geographically, logically, by statute, or by similar impacts).